7 Amazing Oatmeal Recipes That Will Satisfy and Surprise You

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Oatmeal has an unfortunate reputation for being a “vanilla” breakfast option top a bowl of it with a half-teaspoon of brown sugar, and you have a solid meal.

Still, oatmeal’s bad rap isn’t fair since it’s actually quite versatile. Think of the grain as a budget-friendly blank canvas for whatever kind of meal your heart desires. You can whip up a gorgeous, fruit-covered work of art or make things even more interesting by using oats as the base for a savory dish.

Layer in some miso, vegetables, and eggs for a restaurant-worthy meal that works well for breakfast and dinner alike. The following surprising uses of the grain will make you think twice about calling oatmeal boring ever again.

1. Savory Oats With Turmeric Roasted Carrots, Kale, And Cranberry Ketchup

To accentuate the anti-inflammatory turmeric carrots, this dish innovates a classic condiment by making ketchup with cranberries.

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