5 Foods You Shouldn’t Be Eating After 10 AM For Weight Loss, According To Nutritionists


Green Tea

“Including a cup of green tea in the morning with your breakfast and not on an empty stomach can possibly help with weight loss,” says Dr. Jennifer Stagg, a naturopathic physician. A clinical study of more than 100 women with excess belly fat who drank green tea for 12 weeks had significant reductions in waist circumference and their BMIs without any adverse effects, reports Stagg. More research needs to be completed but experts believe the tea has a positive effect on hormones related to fat metabolism. So why do you need to have hot green tea in the a.m.? “It appears green tea should be consumed during the light phase – the morning – of our 24 hour circadian rhythm because that timeframe greatly impacts fat metabolism,” says Dr. Stagg.

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