15 Health Foods That Taste Better Than Junk Foods


12. Full-Fat Cream

High-fat foods have been making a comeback since recent studies show that saturated fat consumption is not linked to heart disease.

Eating high-fat dairy, such as full-fat cream, has actually been linked with less central obesity, which is the harmful belly fat.

Observational studies have also shown that consumption of full-fat dairy is linked with a reduced risk of weight gain and colon cancer.

However, full-fat cream should not be eaten in large quantities as it is very high in calories.

Full-fat cream is ideal to splash in your coffee or top off your yogurt, and tastes great mixed with some fresh berries.

Bottom line: High-fat dairy has been linked with less belly fat and a reduced risk of weight gain and colon cancer. However, full-fat cream is very high in calories and should not be consumed in large amounts.


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