10 Foods Proven to Harm Your Health


American cheese

New York–based dietitian and Living a Real Life With Real Food author Beth Warren tells Cosmopolitan, “The realist is that American cheese is not ‘cheese’ at all. It’s a factory creation of a cheese-like food made from a blend of milk fats, solids, some whey protein, emulsifiers, and food coloring.” Does that sound like a healthy mix of natural food to ingest into your body? No, it doesn’t. We suggest cutting the orange block of mystery substance out of your diet and opting for a healthier cheese option, like Pecorino Romano, ricotta, or aged cheddar. Unlike American cheese, aged cheddar offers a more natural combination of ingredients and, according to Jim White, R.D., spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, it contains relatively low levels of lactose.

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