10 Largest Dog Breeds Of 2017 Who Truly Love Their Owners


3. Leonberger (Famous For Strong Muscles)

It is a loyal companion with lively nature and strong muscles. Its deep bark complements its lion-like looks.


Weight: Male: 82-118 pounds, Female: 96-150 pounds.
Height ( Leonberger Full Grown Size ): Male: 72–80 cm, Female: 65–75 cm.
Lifespan: 8-9 years.

Training & temperament

They are difficult to train. So, if you are a new trainer, this breed is not for you. Furthermore, their friendliness is excellent with the family together with kids.

Did you know?

Leonbergers is not a pure breed instead it is a crossbreed of Landseer Newfoundland with Saint Bernard.
Leonbergers have a powerful nose and they are the best search & rescue dogs.

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