9 Beauty Products for Gorgeous Skin


9 Beauty Products for Gorgeous Skin


Although we’re coming to the tail end of winter, it’s still sickness season. So whether you’ve had a case of the sniffles or the full-blown flu, chances are you’ve wondered what beauty products to use when you’re sick at some point this winter.

I’ve managed to avoid cold symptoms for most of the winter, and save for a nasty case of the flu, I’ve (knock on wood) stayed pretty healthy all winter long. When you’re bedridden with something like the flu, beauty products are pretty much the last thing on your mind (trust me). When you’re not feeling 100 percent but still have to go about your day-to-day life, it’s always helpful to have some go-to beauty products that make you feel slightly more human.

Whether it’s a soothing cleanser that won’t hurt dry, irritated skin or a go-to concealer with eye-brightening and spot-covering powers, it’s always nice to have products you just know are going to make you feel your best, despite feeling sick.

Feel a cold coming on? Know seasonal allergies are going to make your life miserable in just a few short weeks? These nine products will help you feel your best while you’re on the road to recovery.

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