8 Low-Calorie Proteins Foods You Should Start Eating Daily To Get Rid Of Belly Fat


Our abs are the most difficult place for many of us to lose targeted fat. Reducing stubborn fat on the lower abs, where it loves to be stored, requires patience and a consistent regimen that includes cardio, resistance moves that strengthen the ab muscles, and — most importantly — a healthy diet that consists of plenty of low-calorie proteins that can help burn more fat and provide enough energy to power through your day.

You don’t have to eat a diet consisting totally of meat in order to get enough protein. There are plenty of plant-based proteins that will do the trick without added fat and calories.

And if you’re wondering when is the ideal time to consume a protein-rich meal or snack, the surprising answer is after a workout and not before one.

“Your muscles are like sponges for 30 to 45 minutes right after exercise, whether you’ve done cardio or strength training,” John Ivy, Ph.D., a professor of kinesiology at the University of Texas, told Fitness Magazine.

Eat protein after a grueling training session or spin class and it will help you rebuild your muscles and increase lean muscle mass, which helps you burn more calories. And, of course, those sweet factors contribute to flatter, stronger abs.

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