7 High Protein Foods That Are Great For Natural Weight Loss


I healed my body naturally from chronic disease, and in the process lost over 60 pounds, without drugs, deprivation or surgery. Along the way, I discovered that some foods are healing and have the ability to promote health within our bodies, while others can actually cause harm and create weight gain.

Here are some of my personal favorite healing foods that can promote health and support natural weight loss.

1. Broth

When my body broke down, I was bedridden for weeks. As part of my journey back to health, I felt very fortunate to discover the healing power of broth.

Broth can be made easily by cooking chopped organic vegetables in water, until they are super soft. (Bonus points if your vegetables are also local!) Leave six hours or overnight. Then drain the liquid, heat it up, and voila! Your soup broth is ready to drink. Add sea salt and pepper for taste if you want.

You can eat the cooked vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs. (You can also add fish, meat or grains to your broth depending on your preferences.) This can be very healing for your body, since it’s easy to digest, and also hydrating.

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