7 Foods you’ll never Eat Again After you know the Ingredients, According to Experts



You might wonder why vegetarians and vegans avoid marshmallows. They’re not a meat product or a dairy product, but they do have a pretty gross connection to animals. Marshmallows are made from gelatin, an animal protein also found in ice cream and Jell-O.

That doesn’t sound too bad, until you look at how gelatin is actually made‚Ķby boiling the hides and bones of animals. Yup, that’s right; you’ve been topping off your hot chocolate with cow bones for years.

Shredded cheese

I, like many people, assumed that shredded cheese was just regular cheese and that the stuff you buy in a bag is exactly what you would get if you shredded up blocks of cheese yourself. It turns out that this isn’t true. Shredded cheese has an added ingredient that isn’t found in blocks or wheels of cheese: wood pulp.

You won’t see those words on the packaging, of course. The official ingredient goes by the name “cellulose” and is added to boost fiber and add creaminess in low fat foods and to help keep shredded cheese from clumping together. In other words, wood pulp is being added to your shredded cheese to cut down on costs.

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