7 Foods to Help You Last Longer in Bed


The meals you ate yesterday could have improved your staying power in the bedroom last night. That’s great, you may be thinking, but which foods are we talking about? And is there any proof that certain foods can boost sexual stamina?

The 7 foods discussed here have components known to enhance and prolong sexual stamina. But how long is right for you and your partner? American and Canadian sex therapists have reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that the average length of intercourse is 3 to 7 minutes, while 1 to 2 minutes is considered to be “too short” and from 10 to 30 minutes is “too long.”

If the survey findings of the makers of a sexual activity app called Nerve are any indication, these sex therapists were right on the money. The producers teamed up with Spreadsheets App to uncover the sexual longevity time of 10,000 app users across the United States. They found that couples in New Mexico ranked highest (7:01 minutes), followed by West Virginia (5:38) and Idaho (5:11). It seems people in the coldest states are quick to warm up the sheets: South Dakota came in at 1:30 while Alaska finished the list at 1:21.

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