6 Unusual Ways to Lose Weight That Actually Work

Weight Loss

Most people will agree that a successful weight-loss plan includes a healthy diet and movement. Luckily, what you eat and how much you move are the factors you can control. Maybe you’re already doing this, but did you know that there are some unusual ways to help boost weight loss that you probably haven’t heard of?

Best of all, these tips aren’t fads; they are actually backed by research.

Keep in mind incorporating these unusual ways for weight loss won’t alone get the pounds to come off. However, adding them to your current routine may give you the extra boost you’re looking for!

1. Smell more vanilla

Taste and smell go hand in hand. If you smell something delicious, chances are it will encourage your appetite for that food. The opposite is also true. If we smell something revolting, appetite usually goes down.

Smelling vanilla may actually help calm dessert cravings. This sweet scent has a calming effect on the part of the brain where cravings live, which can help curb your appetite. The study was done in St. George Hospital in London, and researchers found those who wore vanilla-scented patches lost more weight than those wearing no patch or a lemon patch. Researchers believe the sweet smell of vanilla helped appease the need for something sweet, and participants who smelled vanilla were less likely to overeat sweets.

So if sweets are your guilty pleasure, getting a vanilla-scented air freshener or candle could help you resist the temptation.

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