5 Foods You Shouldn’t Be Eating After 10 AM For Weight Loss, According To Nutritionists


This advice isn’t about cutting out certain foods. We actually want you to eat everything mentioned in this story. But we want you to eat them before 10 a.m. – as in breakfast time. Ten is when you’re refueling with a healthy snack, not when you should be scarfing down a meal. “Consuming a breakfast with protein, healthy fat and quality carbs will keep you satiated and energized,” says Andrea Wise, a Chicago-based trainer and nutrition coach. “That makes it less likely that you will crash or have ravenous cravings later on.” Eating healthy foods at a prime time allows you to make the most out of the nutrients. So eat these foods…early!

Steel Cut Oatmeal

Fiber is a major player when it comes to staying slim. It aids in keeping insulin levels low which in turn may help shrink fat cells. Dr. Charles Passler, the nutritionist behind the detox program Pure Change, says you should be choosing steel-cut oatmeal as your morning fiber of choice. For one, it’s chewy and takes longer to eat than other low-fiber foods. That means you eat it slowly enough to notice when your body feels full. The result: no mindless overeating. Dr. Passler also says that fiber absorbs moisture, which can help you feel full longer because it occupies more room in your stomach and takes longer to digest. “Choosing steel-cut oats over instant gives you a better shot at controlling your appetite,” he says, “and drinking plenty of water helps the fiber in the oats fill you up.”

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