30 Super Easy Science Based Diet Change to Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss

There are several ways to lose weight.

But mostly we prioritize intense workouts and exercises as our first choice.

And often ignore very easy and highly effective ways to lose many pounds.

That’s diet change to lose weight.

Do you know that even slight change in your diet can enhance your weight loss mechanism up to 10 pounds per week or more?

So, from today, you need to be conscious of what you eat, how much you eat and how often you eat – for fast weight loss.

Now, before hitting this diet change to lose weight, you need to know these 3 basic steps to maintain a healthy weight loss.

Steps for Diet Change to Lose Weight

Very first we need to focus on-

Step 1: Cut high-calories foods

Step 2: Reduce-your-appetite foods

Step 3: Focus on metabolism improving and fat burning foods

Step 4: What to avoid

As most of the weight loss formulas make you hungry and unsatisfied and eventually leads to giving up on plans quickly.

But this way will help you to stay longer in your weight loss program.

Easy Diet Change to Lose Weight Fast

Step #1: Cut Down High-Calorie Foods

Cutting down lots of unhealthy foods from your diet can show a drastic change to your look. And it will be a great surprise for you and your loved ones, that how your body is transforming so fast.

I think to cut unnecessary foods and following a healthy diet change to lose weight, should be the first thing you must try before hitting any workouts especially if you are busy or lazy bees. 😉

Have a look at a list of 30 easy diet change to lose weight, and start with cutting down high calories foods.

1. Sugar and Starch

This is the initial and most important part of your weight loss.

Cutting sugar and starch will help to lower down your hunger level and eventually you will end up by eating fewer calories as per the study.

Now, instead of burning carbs for energy, your body starts feeding off stored fat.

Cutting carbs also lower your insulin levels, causing your kidney to shed excess sodium and water out of your body to reduce bloat and water weight.

Even losing 10 pounds is not uncommon in the first week by following this diet change to lose weight fast.

One line that illustrates this point easily is-

Cutting carbs and sugar put your fat loss on AUTOPILOT.

2. Sugary Drink, Soda, and Stored Juices

These are the most flattering things you can do to lose weight easily.

According to study, cutting down high calories stored bought juices and other sugary drinks can harm your weight loss programme or extend it longer and eventually end up with frustration.

So, try to stay away from flavored stored juices, aerated drinks, soda drinks, iced tea, sports energy drinks, and other processed beverages that promise you to give high nutritional values.

And prefer homemade fresh fruits with green veggies detox juice for more benefits but without sugar and additional flavor.

3. Potatoes Chips and Processed Foods

The study suggests that eating french fries and potato chips are linked to your weight gain and obesity.

“More, baked, roasted, or fried potatoes may contain cancer-causing substances called acrylamide,” according to study.

So, prefer boiled potatoes or even ignore them to make a perfect diet change to lose weight.

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