15 Worst Weight-Loss Tips Doctors Wish You’d Stop Following

Weight Loss

If you really want to peel off the pounds, ignore these outdated, misguided tips, and slim down the smart way.

You can lose pounds in days

Don’t follow any diet with a number in the title—”The 7-Day Diet,” or “The 48-Hour Diet,” for instance. “That implies there’s an endpoint,” says Philadelphia medical weight loss expert Charlie Seltzer, MD. The problem with those quick fixes? “You’re not addressing the things that have made you overweight in the first place,” he says. Uncovering the behaviors and making a plan to overcome them is what creates lasting change. Try these quick weight-loss tips from nutrition pros.


You need a jumpstart diet

Some people say that jumpstarts (like going on a severely restrictive two- or three-day diet, for instance) often help them see immediate results, which can parlay into motivation to keep going. However, as Dr. Seltzer points out, it’s very difficult to change ingrained habits. Jumpstarts ask you to change your habits once, and then you have to try to change your habits again for the second- and/or third-phases of the diet. “Anything that you plan on doing for the rest of your life should be done as part of your weight loss plan,” he says. That said, there are ways to get the ball rolling quickly on your new healthy lifestyle.

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