14 Calcium-Rich Foods That Aren’t a Glass of Milk


Bok choy

Known as Chinese cabbage, bok choy also delivers the goods. One cup of the raw plant contains 74 mg of calcium, while one cooked cups offers 158 mg. It’s one of the few plant food studied that has especially high calcium absorption, says Dr. Weaver.


It’s no secret that dairy products are a great source of calcium, but you don’t have to drink milk to get your fix. Take plain, low-fat yogurt for example. The average serving size of 8 ounces (or 1 cup) has a whopping 448 mg of calcium. On top of that, you’ll get more than 10 grams of protein and roughly 4 grams of good-for-you fats, which will help keep you full until your next meal. Throw some berries on top for added sweetness, antioxidants, and fiber.

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