14 Amazing People Born with Mysterious Extra Body Parts : Trends, Top 10


Every now and then, people privately wish they had extra body parts. You have to admit that an additional arm or leg would come in handy once in a while. Well, here are some people who were born with extra body parts that are quite permanent. People born with extra heads, an extra finger, and even with eight limbs!

Before you witness this mind-boggling gallery of people born with extra body parts, count your blessings on all of your fingers and toes. Be thankful you only have ten of each because even though everybody has weird human body parts, there are some who are born with extra or start growing ancillary parts! Vote up the photos of the strangest body part additions.

1. The Boy With An Extra Body On His Chest

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Indian boy Deepak Paswan was also born with a parasitic twin growing out of his chest. Parasitic twins are caused when an egg divides into two, but doesn’t fully separate.

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