12 Amazing Hidden Features 2018 in iPhone X : IOS

iPhone Apps

1. How do you wake it up?

If you already have an iPhone, chances are that you rely on the home button to wake it up. Now that the home button is gone, you can just tap the display to turn on the display. Alternatively, you can use the sleep/wake button or raise your phone to wake it up.

2. Pay attention to attention detection

When it comes to unlocking your device, you can configure Face ID in multiple ways. By default, you need to actively look at your phone to trigger Apple’s new face recognition technology. This way, nobody can unlock your phone by pointing it at your face when you’re sleeping or looking somewhere else.

But it doesn’t work if you’re blind, or wear thick sunglasses that block a certain kind of infrared light (940nm). Head over to the Settings app to disable it.

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