11 Best Vitamin A Foods for Your Skin protection : Vitamins

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11 Best Vitamin A Foods for Your Skin protection : Vitamins

Vitamins provide essential nutrients to our body and maintain our good health. While we take all of essential vitamins from different sources, it is important to know where we seek these vitamins from as well as different benefits of each of them. Vitamin A which is necessary for strong bones, healthy hair, beautiful skin and good vision, is found in a wide variety of foods.

Especially, vitamin A is considered as one of the most used nutrients for a healthy skin. It has been used as useful treatments by normalizing skin functions. Vitamin A affects formation of the skin by modulating dermal growth elements, promoting epidermal differentiation, suppressing androgen formation as well as inhibiting sebaceous gland activity. Lack of vitamin A makes the skin become scaly, keratinized, leading suppressed mucus secretion. Besides, dry skin is also a common sign of lack of vitamin A, which often occurs as raised bumps on your arms’ back at first. Although this condition is believed to have no cure, increasing the consumption of vitamin A can be a successful treatment. Additionally, it develops cell turnover in our skin, so vitamin A is used to prevent the formation of comedonal acne. It also reduces the amount of oil producing from your skin, suppresses the formation of androgen Therefore, some drugs that are used to combat acne include a form of vitamin A as a main ingredient. Another benefit of vitamin A to your skin is the ability of reducing wrinkles and increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. It actually boosts the deposition of collagen, and slows the normal aging breakdown of the elastin and collagen. With all of the benefits of vitamin A for skin, it is a wonderful vitamin we should make use it to get a beautiful skin.

Vitamin A is a powerful vitamin for skin. However, some its forms are ineffective, so you have to ensure to get the right kind. Vitamin A is a group of related nutrients, and each of them provides us with different health benefits in different condition. Vitamin A has two basic forms: carotenoids which are found in plan foods, and retinoids which is found in animal foods. It is believed that we need to eat both plant and animal foods in order to get both forms of vitamin A.

Getting vitamin A from food sources, which include a natural balance and variety of vitamin A and other nutrients is an useful way to get a healthy skin. In the article today, I would like to reveal some of the best vitamin A foods for skin in details so you should keep your head on the following interesting nutritional facts and food sources contain vitamin A that are good for our skin. They include:

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