10 Best Cardio Workouts Try This Summer Who Don’t Love Running


There’s still a whole world of cardio workouts out there that don’t involve slogging out mile after mile.

For maximum fitness gains, HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, which mixes up short bursts of high-intensity anaerobic exercise (like sprinting) with low aerobic recovery (like jogging or walking) is best.

HIIT can be applied to pretty much all exercises and means you’ll get a tough but effective workout in a shorter space of time.

Step out of your comfort zone and get your heart racing with these 10 alternatives to the treadmill…

1. Cycling

Cycling is easy on the joints and a great cardio exercise for losing weight. Give a spin class a go, and with the help of high energy music, an encouraging instructor and the group atmosphere you’ll get a mix of sprints, hills and recovery to burn up to 600 calories an hour!

2. Rowing

Rowing is deceptively challenging if done right. To really get the most from your rowing workout, you should aim for shorter bursts of intensity to mix the anaerobic and aerobic exercise. 10 minutes of intervals are much more effective than cruising for half an hour.

To keep things interesting, try rowing as far as you can for your favourite song. Choose something that gets you fired up and ready to go and try to beat your distance as your fitness progresses.

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