10 Amazing New Features Found Hidden in iOS 11

iPhone Apps

This is a quiet feature, but it’s one that could possibly save your life. Firstly, the Emergency SOS feature, as it’s called, can “lock down” your phone — preventing someone from forcing you to open it. It also packs in an Auto Call feature so the device can automatically call a close contact or emergency services if you tap the Power button five times. You’ll want to be careful of false triggers, of course, but you can set the device to play a countdown warning before it actually makes the call.

1. QR Code scanner

Users of iOS devices have to download often poorly-made third-party apps in order to read any QR codes, such as those used in membership programs at lunch spots. Apple’s own Camera app will now feature its own QR-code scanner.

2. No more automatically joining spotty Wi-Fi networks

If you live in a densely populated area, you’re likely tired of your iPhone’s attempts to join Wi-Fi networks every time it smells the faintest scent of connectivity. A new Auto Join setting, which stops your phone from automatically hopping onto networks with lesser signal quality, should put a stop to that.

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